Last weekend was the start of the Formula 1 season, the first race being held in Melbourne. And you can guess, I just couldn't avoid going. 

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Albert Park was packed, with more than 300,000 tickets sold for the weekend. The air temperature record was +39c in shade (track temperature being +51c), which is by far the highest I've ever been to. We spent the whole Sunday at the track in open sun, consuming ridiculous amounts of water and sunscreen. That didn't help me from getting a bit burnt though, but I don't complain - the weekend was amazing.

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A distance of 15,196.42 km didn't seem to stop Finnish fans from attending. I watched the race with a group of some 15 Finns whom I met at the race. Our lively cheering was noticed, and we got interviewed by a Sun Herald reporter. Had a Finn won, we might've ended up on the paper, but unfortunately despite our support we didn't get either of the Finns on the podium.

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Räikkönen had a bad qualifying, but managed to pull himself from 15th position up to the third place in the race. For a few laps the Hamilton-Kovalainen-Räikkönen trio was packed close, and it could've really ended in anyone's favor. Too bad both Finns did some mistakes, which for Räikkönen cost his race, and for Kovalainen the 4th position. A few laps before the finish line, the Ferrari engine blew, ridding Kimi's chances of improving for good. Lewis Hamilton was uncontested for the whole race and easily took the 1st place.

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The outcome didn't ruin the evening though. After the race we had KISS play a gig at Albert Park, and they sure rocked. All in all, it was a blast. I definitely feel like redoing the weekend, if I ever get the chance.

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