It's quite clear that in the northern hemisphere the constellations you see are different than the ones seen in the southern hemisphere, and even more clear that the seasons are the opposite.


Oh look, a spider! 

But only recently I realized that, while in the north we're used to that the sun makes its tour around the eastern sky, in the southern hemisphere during midday the sun shines from the north instead. How odd is that!

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Now, this reminds me of the X-Files episode where they said that kitchen sink whirlpools revolve in different directions in opposite hemispheres. I have no idea whether this is true, but morning shower experiments seem to suggest that at least in the southern hemisphere, whirlpools tend to take the clockwise direction. Now I just need to find out how it is in the northern hemisphere.

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Well, I didn't have any fancy photos to relate to this revealment, so I just gathered something else here instead. These things really are everywhere, but most of them are quite harmless.

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