Image Image It's been absolutely amazing to have been able to do so much travelling recently. During the past two months, there have been only a few weekends that I haven't gone out somewhere, and when I don't, the reason usually is that I've had to take some time for studying. This was one of those weekends, and while waiting for the two-week term break, I thought I'd present some photo bits that I've gathered from places before. Yes that's right, a filler post.

Travelling is great, but there are some common pitfalls I constantly run into. The biggest one of them is actually taking the camera with me. Now, I like photographing, but sometimes it's just an issue to carry the camera. More specifically, two different issues. The first one is that while looking for good shots, I might go pointing my camera everywhere to avoid missing a potential shot of the day, and end up with a memory card full of mostly dull and mediocre pictures. The biggest causes for this kind of photographing are all the statues and landmarks that come in the way. Those are the kind of objects everyone just takes photos of, but you really have no idea why you're doing it. You can take a photo of a landmark and feel that it comes out good (like above), but still those photos are the ones that have the least value to you when you're browsing through the albums. If you can't come up with a subtitle other than the name of the statue, you'll be pretty much guaranteed to get a bland and faceless shot.

So long and thanks for all the... pine cones?
The 25 second pit stop.

Another thing I usually don't like is posing in photos. Pictures where people are having fun doing whatever, (seemingly) unaware of being photographed, very often beat the ones where people are posing for the camera. Though in saying that, I still find some photos people are posing in really memorable, but usually it is the context that makes it, not the people alone.

Force of nature.
I wish...

The second issue with photographing is the time it takes. If you spend your holiday trip looking at the world through the camera lens, you don't even notice all the things you missed. At times I leave the camera just because I don't feel like going around acting like a tourist, but want to focus on doing something instead.

Image Image

Sometimes it's just hard to know what makes up a good photo in advance, and only after you unload your memory card on the laptop you really see the results. Animals seem to be the easiest targets to get right just as is, but in general it takes some effort or luck to capture a good view.

A stroke of luck.



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