It's been an ungodly long time since I last posted. I've been so busy back in Finland with my new work, finishing up my thesis and working on other new projects that I just haven't had any time to be creative and write about anything remotely interesting.

And I probably wouldn't have for some while, but to my surprise I actually was asked if I wasn't working on programming anymore since the site was so quiet. 



Well, here's some proof! Some time ago we visited the Teknokas education center (or whatever it'd translate to) in Ylivieska, where kids and teachers get taught how learning and "innovating" could be fun as well as constructive. We had all kinds of electronics and materials to work with to come up with different methods to solve various tasks. I ended up spending most of the day programming AI for the lego robot you see in the above picture. The task was to make the robot follow a track marked with a black stripe on the ground and to search the nearby environment for an 'X' mark on the ground. Hard work, but fun too!


Another project I've been working on is about integrating robust lighting & shadowing as well as material and shader support into a game engine, something like in the above picture.The system is almost finished now, I might write more about later on.


Then of course, there's the thesis. Now, as if the above wasn't enough to keep me preoccupied, I've recently started playing Go at the KGS Go Server and at a local club, just to get a bit of feeling about the game. Go AI is one of the projects I anticipate doing in the future, perhaps if time allows.

So, the site may be quiet, but that's just a sign of me being too busy again!


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